Plant Strong Challenge Wrap-Up

June 12, 2011 at 9:25 am (Uncategorized)

It’s done! The Whole Foods 28-Day plant Strong Challenge is done! The second I finished I took a straight shot of olive oil and bit off a huge chunk of parmiggiano reggiano.  Not true.  Although I did have a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, which was delicious.  This challenge was pretty hardcore, and I have to admit when things got crazy with rehearsals toward the end of it I slacked a bit.  Overall though, the challenge was successful in getting me to choose whole grains over refined ones and to cut down on the amount of oils I used.  I am still skeeved out by whole wheat pasta though, and would love to know if anybody had any recommendations.

So I’ve done two consecutive vegan challenge/experiments and I’m now left up to my own devices.  I think want to try to stay mostly vegan?  (Could I sound more ambivalent?)  The most important reason for that was that it physically feels great, particularly when I’m planning out my meals and getting all the nutrition I needed.  I’ve got more energy, I don’t depend on two cups of coffee to start each morning, my skin is dewy, I sleep well…really, it’s all pretty awesome.

That said, being vegan is damn difficult.  Being tempted by meat and dairy is one thing, but sometimes despite my best efforts I’d fall off the vegan wagon.  Like when I ate a veggie corn dog only to see egg whites on the ingredient list, or when I bought a tube of chopped basil and later saw that there was whey in it!  I intend to keep vegan as best as I can, and I now have a piqued interest in being more conscious of what and how I eat.  We’ll see how it goes from here…



  1. Amy Nicole Miller said,

    Congratulations! Even if you are mostly vegan from now on, that’s still great! It is really hard to avoid dairy in store-bought food and restaurants. My eyes have been so opened by how much dairy products are in EVERYTHING! It’s weird, actually and takes time to learn. I think that after a while, vegans just know what is and isn’t (like veggie corn dogs, etc) edible.

    • dyan f. said,

      Thanks lady, and congratulations on your three month anniversary! I raise my green smoothie to you!

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