The Hardest Thing

April 18, 2011 at 4:29 pm (Uncategorized)

You guys, this weekend was really hard, vegan-wise.  It wasn’t that there was a shortage of tasty vegan-friendly things to eat.  I had a tasty brunch at Handlebar (a vegan/vegetarian bar/brunch spot in Humboldt Park) and a pretty amazing homemade roasted vegetable pizza, among other things, so I can’t complain about that.  What made this weekend so hard was that I missed the convenience of eating a non-vegan diet.  If I walk past a Popeyes and get a craving for biscuits, I can’t have one, nor is there an easily accessible place where I can indulge my biscuit lust.  Sure, I could look up a recipe for a reasonable vegan facsimile, go to Jewel (and I’d probably have to go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes too) to get the ingredients, and whip up a batch of delicious biscuits that you’d never guess was vegan, but that takes a lot of planning.  I miss the spontaneity of non-vegan eating! My guess is that it’s something that gets easier over time, but I have a very “I want it now!” attitude towards eating that was hard to curb this weekend.  But I did it!!!



  1. Danielle said,

    Amen, sister. My problem with the glutey free life exactly. It does get easier, however…the longer you go without the Popeye’s biscuits, the less you crave them. 🙂

    • dyan f. said,

      Could you please start a blog called The Glutey Free Life???

      • Danielle said,

        I totally should. I have thought about it on more than one occasion…

  2. Ellen Wohlberg said,

    Lou gave up all meat and fish for Lent (well, like three weeks of it), and it was hard to even find lots of easy vegetarian options, at least when you’re in a hurry and want to pick something up quickly. I’m sure true vegetarians (and vegans) scoff at our ineptitude, but for us it was a struggle. I’m really impressed you’re sticking with it though! Clare Kelly made this amazing vegan brownie recipe that I still crave…if you ever get a craving for delicious brownies you should give her a call!

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