BBC what I mean?

April 13, 2011 at 5:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Ugh, I am SO over American television.  Kidding…mostly.  Though there are a few gems I’m still tuning in to (MODERN FAMILY!!! PARKS AND RECREATION!!! AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN!!!), I’ve been straying to the BBC.  OMG YOU GUYS DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME THE BBC IS?  My BBC fetish is longstanding.  When I was a kid I was a big fan of “Are You Being Served?” despite not picking up on *any* of the innuendo that the show is famous for and as an adolescent I had a mild “Mr. Bean” obsession.  Both shows stand the test of time, but as of late I’ve just been devouring episodes of the following shows…

  • Coupling I am so so sorry if you have any recollection of the American remake from the early 00s.  The British original is wickedly funny, sexy, and worthy of repeated viewings.  I own the DVD boxed set, and I watch the series at least three or four times a year.  The creator of the series, Steven Moffat, is an absolute genius who also is one of the creative forces behind…
  • Doctor Who This may seem painfully obvious, but I’m including this in case there are any folks who are either ignorant of, or reluctant to give in to the Doctor.  Our local PBS station has been showing broadcasts of the show for years, but I always thought it looked a little silly, what with the aliens and all the space-aged tom foolery.  Well, I am eating crow, because this is so much more than a silly sci-fi show.  Its stories are universal, and often tell beautiful allegories for issues that plague humanity.  I have laughed and cried equally hard at this series.  (P.S. David Tenant is the best Doctor.)
  • Torchwood You guys, hop on the “Torchwood” train before it gets too trendy and you look like a poser.  The show, which is a “Doctor Who,” spin-off, is going to be co-produced by Starz and will start airing in America this summer.  It’s another extraterrestrial-centered show, but it’s got a grittier, sexier, darker side.  I would watch an episode of this show every night before bed, and I had night terrors for the three weeks that this went on.  I mean this in the best possible way.  The show’s main character, Captain Jack Harkness, is played by John Barrowman, who you will probably fall in love with.

Honorable mention for…

Bizarre ER, particularly, this snippet…


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