My Wish For You

January 13, 2011 at 6:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Maybe this makes me seem like a nasty anti-social person, but I’d like for you to consider deleting some of your Facebook friends.  That dude who lived on the floor above you freshman year, that girl from choir in high school who posts the minutiae of planning for her pending nuptials, that former co-worker who you actually hid from when you saw him on the train the other day…set them all free.

I recently did a 100+ “friend” purge and it felt great.  I suppose I could have just hid these people, but with Facebook being the way that it is, I know that they’d inevitably pop up in my Facebook purview and I’d have to spend time and energy on people who had no relevance to my life.  I have nothing against these people I defriended…okay, maybe I had a beef with a handful of them…but these are people that don’t play a part in my life anymore, and it’s not imperative to stay connected to them.  I ask myself if I’d feel comfortable sharing the contents of my latest status update or wall post with them if I bumped into them in person and the answer is no.  I might not even recognize some of these people if I saw them in real life!  And so I unfriended them.  (Is this the proper time to have the defriending vs. unfriending debate?)  Maybe it’s harsh, but life is short, dudes and dudettes, and I’m already spending too much of my time on the ‘book.


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