January 3, 2011 at 7:31 am (Uncategorized)

My New Year’s resolutions have had a tendency to be trite in the past.  Eat healthier, be more organized, write every day…my intentions have been honorable, but my resolutions were things that I, along with eight million other people, abandoned somewhere around January 8th.  They were things I wanted to change out of obligation, which may have improved my quality of life somewhat, but which I had no real motivation to do anything about. I like to think that my resolutions this year have a little more va-va-voom, and will make 2011 a kick-ass year.  These resolutions are as follows:

  • No shoulds. This year I’m not going to let myself be driven by obligation.  I think I’m a thoughtful, rational person who tries her best to do the right thing.  When I beat myself up over things I should’ve done- plays I should’ve written, money I should’ve saved, workouts I should’ve done- I’m not helping anything.  Guilt isn’t exactly the most inspiring motivator, and I hope if I am compelled enough to do something, I will do it.  End of story.
  • Get a tattoo. This will probably require me to spend most of the year working up my nerve to do this.  I’ve never been much for tattoos because I never thought I could commit to something permanently, but I’ve got a short, simple, meaningful song lyric that is essential to me.  I’ll report back on this one.
  • Attend at least two cultural events a month. I have made some major cultural faux pas (Is pas also the plural of pas?) since moving to Chicago.  The biggest one was missing the original cast of August Osage County at Steppenwolf.  (I got lucky and was able to see the touring cast, but still.)  Another one worth mentioning is that I haven’t been to the Field Museum since I was in sixth grade.  Chicago is an incredible city to experience culture affordably, and I can be lazy about not taking advantage of it to its fullest.  By setting a number I hope to guarantee a minimum amount of arts and leisure in my life, and hopefully it will motivate me to seek out even more.

How about you?


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