Happy is as Happy Does

April 12, 2010 at 11:12 am (Uncategorized)

It’s been about a month since I left my old job, I’ve settled into my teaching residency, and I think I’ve moved past the initial shock/excitement/fear that I felt when I first made the big switch.  I get a lot of people asking if I’m happy, if I made the right decision, and other variations on those questions, and the answer is a resounding YES!

If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing, except I would have done it a whole lot sooner.  The most surprising thing that I’ve learned as a result of all of this, is that the things that I was most afraid of have actually turned out to be the most rewarding parts of the experience.  Fears that have been debunked include…

  1. People are going to be disappointed in my decision. The exact opposite was true.  Though I’m sure my colleagues would’ve rather not had to find and train a replacement for me, they could not have been more supportive.  My parents were also extremely supportive.  Of course they wish that my heart’s passion laid in doing admin work for a medical non-profit that offered a competitive benefits package, but they understood the necessity of what I had to do.  Turns out the only person that was holding me back from making that decision was myself…hmmm.
  2. Money, I’m not going to have enough of it. Of course I wish I was making more money, but c’mon, it’s not like I was so flush with cash that I was taking extravagant trips or buying myself fancy electronic gadgets.  I’ve certainly scaled back my spending, but it hasn’t really been anything I missed.  Instead of spending money on quick lunches or dining out, I’m being conscientious about planning my meals and preparing them myself.  In lieu of impulsive lunch hour shopping trips, I’m taking stock of what’s in my closet and creating outfits based on what I already have. (Okay, I’ll admit it, I miss the lunch hour shopping trips a lot.) If I’d gone from an embarrassment of riches to what I’m making now it might be different, but this really hasn’t been as drastic of a change as I thought it would be.
  3. Lack of stability. The lack of job security is somewhat unsettling, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.  I’m getting a steady flux of freelance work right now, and I continue to see job postings for things that I am qualified for, which is reassuring.  Also overwhelming is the assistance from friends and colleagues, who have been great in letting me know about job openings, and even recommending me for projects. I’m preferring to see the instability as flexibility, which means that I can seize opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to when I was working 9-5.

In short, this decision has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  Seriously.


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  1. Larissa said,

    “The things that we’re afraid of are gonna show us what we’re made of in the end.” -Blessid Union of Souls

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