Zorba the Greek (Yogurt)

April 7, 2010 at 6:37 am (Uncategorized)

I have never liked Greek yogurt, but I am determined for that to change.  It’s so freaking good for you that I feel like I’m doing my body a disservice by not partaking in it regularly.  However, I think I’ve figured out what it will take to get me to eat Greek yogurt on a regular basis.  Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation, in which case, maybe my trials and tribulations with Greek yogurt will be of some assistance to you.

Here’s how it went down:

1. Plain Greek Yogurt (I used Trader Joe’s 0% Greek Yogurt, which was sold in an economical larger container that you could use to dish out individual portions.)

Blech.  Sometimes people compare plain Greek yogurt to sour cream, but I wouldn’t do sour cream the indignity of that comparison.  The taste is mad tart, and the mouth feel is overwhelming without any fruits or toppings to take off some of the edge.

2. Plain Greek Yogurt with a Sliced Banana

Not much better than plain Greek yogurt, because the banana offers isolated bites of sweetness, but the yogurt is still way too tart.

3. Plain Greek Yogurt with Honey

Now we’re on to something here.  Still not perfect, but getting there.

4. Plain Greek Yogurt with Honey and Banana

That’s the stuff.  Just a small amount of honey cuts the tartness of the yogurt, and you really don’t need to add too much because of the added sweetness of the banana.  I found that adding a bit of slivered almonds or granola really rounded out this combination.  The creaminess of the yogurt isn’t overwhelming, and this proved to be a good snack or breakfast because it left you feeling full for a few hours.

*And for when you’ve got $$$ to drop*

Chobani brand Greek yogurt with pineapple on the bottom changed my life for the better.  As far as I know it is only sold in the individual six-ounce servings, and it is a bit pricy ($1.49 for a container when I purchased it), but oh my goodness, was it amazing.  It was the 2% low-fat variety, and the combination of creaminess and the tropical sweetness of the pineapple rocked my world.  As Cookie Monster would put it, it is a sometimes treat, but I think it merits an occasional splurge.



  1. Shavone said,

    I like it with Whole Foods’ bulk granola (any one of the plethora on tap). You get little nuggets of deliciousness in every bite! And the bulk prices aren’t terrible.

  2. Merce said,

    Try the Greek yogurt with some fresh garlic and a bit of salt to taste…it’s great over a baked potato!

    • dyan f. said,

      ooh, that sounds tasty!

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