On the Links

April 1, 2010 at 5:38 am (Uncategorized)

Hey gang, here are the links I was diggin’ this week.  Some are serious, some are silly, some are sad, all are worth taking a gander at…

Peep Sushi Real sushi sort of skeevs me out, but this confectionery take on it looks both adorable and delectable.

You’re Not a Single Lady This father crushes his son’s spirits when he tells him that he’s not a single lady.  I guess he had to learn sooner or later.

Student Aid and Financial Reconciliation Act President Obama signed into law this bill which will hopefully have many positive effects on higher education in this country.

Jaime Escalante I was upset to find out that well-known educator Jaime Escalante passed away this week.  If you’ve seen the movie “Stand and Deliver” (and if you’re someone who took Calculus in high school there’s a good chance you had to watch it at some point) then you’re familiar with the story of Jaime Escalante, a Bolivian-born teacher who left a career as a teacher in his home country to move to America, where he had to learn English and get teaching credentials to teach here.  He took a job at a failing high school, and instead of gearing his classes towards the underperforming students, he started challenging his students to take control of their own educations and quit selling themselves short.  He took the lives of kids who were going nowhere fast and taught them that with hard work, they could be leaders and innovators.  For Mr. Escalante’s sake, I hope there are a lot of differential equations to solve in heaven.


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