These are the People in My Neighborhood

March 24, 2010 at 2:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I think the best part of my new lifestyle is having the freedom to be out and about during the day time.  While most of the working world spends their 9-5 hours down in an office in the Loop, I’m free to take walks and run errands, and pretty much have free reign of the streets.  There are handsome shirtless men handing out cupcakes on every street corner, and there are 80’s TV theme songs piped in over loudspeakers on the streets.  (Neither of those things is true;  I just wanted to see if I could make the 9-5ers jealous.)

I’ve always been intrigued by the people who roam the streets during the hours of 9-5, and after almost three weeks of close observation, I think I’ve figured out just who these folks are.

The Stay-at-Home Moms: When I go to the gym in the morning, it seems that I can’t swing a cat without hitting one of them. (Not that I’d ever swing a cat, especially not at a mother with her children.) The fact that I live a block away from the park district and a music school probably has something to do with the quantity of them that I encounter.  They always have at least one Adorable Child in tow, and often times they’ll have an Adorable Dog with them too.  A North Face fleece and over-sized tote bag seem to be part of their uniform.  They are a kind, gentle creature, but I do take offense when they take their children to bars with them.

The Nanny: Like The Stay-at-Home Mom, The Nanny roams the streets, often with an Adorable Child and Adorable Dog too, but you can tell the difference between the two because The Nanny almost always has a look of “just another day’s work” on her face, in addition to the absence of the requisite North Face fleece.

The Adorable Child: Often buckled into a stroller or clutching the hand of a grown-up, the Adorable Child is always a mood lifter when you encounter one.  There is an elusive subset of Adorable Children known as The Adorable Child Wearing a Hat that Makes them Look Like an Animal that is a rare but special find.

The Adorable Dog*: While there are many dogs out during the day, I find an abundance of Adorable Dogs.  What differentiates an Adorable Dog from the rest is its willingness to trot over to you with a wagging tail, and the presence of a friendly owner.  An Adorable Dog also has the decency not to do its business in front of you (because it knows that isn’t adorable).

The Cute Little Old Man: Always elderly, frequently adorable, you will often find The Cute Little Old Man with other Cute Little Old Men, either walking around the neighborhood or occupying a booth at the neighborhood diner.  The Cute Little Old Man is quick with a smile and sometimes a hello- bonus points if he has an accent from the Old Country.  Perhaps it is a neighborhood oddity, but there is a dirth of Cute Little Old Women where I live.

People My Age: This group of local inhabitants befuddles me.  There is a sizable contingency of them who come out during the daytime, going to workout, lunching, shopping, and not seeming to worry about work.  I don’t understand!  Are they freelancers?  Are they unemployed?  Do they have trust funds?  Are they gravediggers who work by the light of the moon?  At some point I want to dig deeper into the lives of these people, my contemporaries, and figure out just what their deal is.  Because I like this lifestyle, and I want to figure out how to ride it out as long as possible.

*I know dogs aren’t people.


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  1. Brittany said,

    These character profiles are so adorable. Great snapshots.

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