As Time Goes By

March 9, 2010 at 8:24 pm (Uncategorized)

One of the oddest things I’ve found about abandoning the 9-5 work day, is this feeling that I don’t have enough time for everything.  Today I only had two set things to do: an eight A.M. dentist’s appointment and an 8 P.M. writers’ meeting.  I had almost twelve hours between those two obligations, but there was SO MUCH I WANTED TO DO!  I actually got a fair amount accomplished- I read a play, I sent out some resumes, baked a loaf of (awful) sourdough bread- but I had a long list of tasks that I wanted to tackle, so I have this nagging feeling that I didn’t get enough done.

I think what I’ll have to do is set a more realistic “to-do list” at the start of each day, so that I’m not overwhelmed by how much I have to do.  Once I settle into a groove I think I can do a better job of this, after I see how I need to attack different responsibilities, but even doing a cursory job of this will help me not feel as if there are things I’m leaving of my list of things to accomplish.

Sound reasonable?  Is there a better way for me to go about doing this?


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