Doin’ It and Doin’ It and Doin’ It Well

February 23, 2010 at 4:42 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m really doing it!

As the days go by, that sense of “Oh crap, why would I quit my gloriously stable job?!” is slowly going away.  It’s being replaced with a sense of reassurance that, gosh darn it, people just might be willing to pay me for what I’m good at doing.  You know why I’ve been feeling that way?  BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WILLING TO PAY ME FOR WHAT I’M GOOD AT DOING! *insert enthusiastic twizzles here*

I got my first check for freelancing today! It’s not enough to fund my retirement in Boca, but my savings account will be happy to see it.  I also found out that I’m going to be a reader for a new play development program for a theatre company that has a commitment to developing American work.  I am beyond excited to have this opportunity.

I hate platitudes, but there may be some truth in that jump and the net will appear saying.


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