Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks

February 20, 2010 at 8:06 pm (Uncategorized)

I am firmly of the belief that there are only two seasons- winter and baseball- so I am growing increasingly antsy for White Sox spring training to begin.  I am envious of the schedule of a baseball player.  Prior to the start of the season, you get to travel to a warm climate to spend over a month conditioning and playing exhibition games.  Then it’s opening day, and you spend approximately six months playing the sport that you love.  If you do that part right, then you go into the post-season which could last up to a month.  After the post-season you have about four months to work on your weaknesses and recharge.  Repeat as necessary.

I think we’d all be a lot better at what we do if we had that opportunity.  To spend half of our time doing what we love, and then to spend the rest without any pressure, figuring out ways we could improve at what we do.  Because I know that sometimes when I sit down to write I can’t come up with anything, but if I’m out taking a walk or enjoying a beer all of a sudden I’ll be hit with that idea that I have to get down on the page.  If I just sit down and force myself to come up with an idea I’ll, without fail, get frustrated and then feel nervous the next time I need to write.  Which is not good or productive.  We all need an off-season.

*I realize this is the second sports-related post I’ve written in as many days.  I assure you that I have very little athletic prowess or know-how, and this will likely mark the end of my usage of sports metaphors.


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