Citius, Altius, Fortius

February 19, 2010 at 7:17 pm (Uncategorized)

I think we all wish we could be Olympians.  You’re openly recognized as being at the top of your sport, the nation adores you (unless you’re a rogue a-hole athlete), and you get a totally adorable wardrobe of track suits and sportswear.  The thing that sucks about being an Olympian though, is that you only get one shot.  If your performances or matches or trials don’t go well, you’re out of luck.  You were the reigning World Champion?  You medaled at the last Olympics?  None of that matters once the competition starts.  Then you might be too old to wait for the next Olympics to come along.

That’s the nice thing about not being an Olympian.  I can work hard to be a good whatever- writer, teacher, budget balancer- and hopefully others will recognize it.  But if I slip up and write a lousy play (already happened), or call a kid by the wrong name (worried it’ll happen) , or slip-up and buy boots (assume it’ll happen), I haven’t blown it.  I can keep on plugging along and try to make up for mistakes.  And I can do it right away, too.  I don’t have to wait for four years (and have Scott Hamilton commentating about how I’m the oldest one competing).  I can right any wrongs right away.  But I won’t be wearing a snappy Ralph Lauren opening ceremony knit sweater while I do it.


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  1. Ellen said,

    Ha, this was so funny too. I should probably just say I really like your blog and stop commenting on each individual post to say ” This was good!”

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