Karma Police

February 18, 2010 at 6:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Tonight I went with two of my friends to Give Back Chicago’s volunteer auction at the French Market. It’s a pretty nifty set up, where you speak with representatives from different non-profit organizations, then you bid your skills on the organization you’d like to volunteer for during the auction portion of the event.  It cost $20 to participate, which includes $10 Market Bucks to spend at one of the delicious vendors in the French Market, and $15 is donated to one of the participating non-profits.

I had gone back and forth about attending the event, seeing as how I’m trying to rope in my spending, but I figured that this was the kind of situation that warranted the spending while I still had the means to do so.  A lot of the organizations in attendance tonight seemed like really earnest, enthusiastic groups who just needed some extra hands on deck, so I volunteered some hours helping with public relations and social media efforts for two smaller non-profits.  After dinner there was a raffle of donated door prizes, and I won a month’s worth of bread from an artisanal bakery in the market!  Do something good, avoid being a (literal) starving artist.


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