And So It Begins

February 13, 2010 at 6:08 am (Uncategorized)

I gave notice that I was leaving my job today.

I’m quitting to do this:

Once my residency is up in May, my horizons are overwhelmingly empty.  Which is both terrifying and wonderful.  I think the last time I’ve been this excited about my future was when I was about to start at NYU.  It’s impossible to have that same kind of naive optimism, but I’ve got high hopes for the next steps I’m taking.

I’m going to miss having health insurance and I’m especially going to miss having a steady paycheck.  Sallie Mae probably won’t be getting any money from me for a while, which serves her right.  In exchange for a decreased cash flow, I will be gifted with loads of free time.  I hope that at some point I’ll be inundated with offers from folks wanting to pay me copious amounts of money to write and make theatre, but at the get go I doubt it’s going to be like that.

Part of the reason for starting this blog is so that I have to account for my days.  I don’t flatter myself enough to think that I’m a particularly blog-worthy person, but I know there will be a few kind souls out there reading.  (Like you!)  If my life devolves into a routine of watching Oprah and taking walks to 7-11, you all are going to hold me accountable.  I want to keep things exciting for you, and more importantly, for me.

Let’s see where this takes us.



  1. Katie Ressler said,

    Good for you, Dyan! Its awesome that you are persuing what you want to do! I’ll keep reading 🙂

  2. Hangry Pants said,

    Sallie Mae owns my soul. Good luck! I think you will have a fabulous time. 🙂

    • dyan f. said,

      May Sallie Mae get her comeuppance soon enough!

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